Argus Academy

One of the features that characterize us is our own Argus Academy. For many years we’ve been tweaking our program, which led to the strong and efficient training program we now have. While we continue to improve, our program provides a steady stream of young, fresh and proficient operators. Training however doesn’t stop after completing the program. Our Academy provides additional training sessions, personal support and masterclasses so that learning never stops. That is why even our most experienced operators keep developing continuously.

EVS & Graphics training

In the past years Argus has set up their own EVS & Graphic training program. This program is complementary to the usual EVS or Graphics trainings. We specialize in the live workflow and live usage. We make a personalized training for the different aspects of the live workflow depending on the current workflow.

Want to join our academy? Mail to


Frits Schrijvers


Job Robbers


Mark van Rijswijk


Marc van Zanten

Chief Engineer of Supervisor Vision

We invite experienced colleagues from all over the world to share their knowledge with our operators and partners. These masterclasses are freely accessible and provide an excellent opportunity for the new talents as well as our more experienced operators to keep developing their knowledge and skills about the production of (live) television.