Broadcast Partner

Within working with Argus Producties there are several forms of collaboration. We can work on call, following a fixed agreement or as a full-service provider. New clients are welcome to choose whichever they want. Being service-oriented however, we’re eager to improve. So feel free to advance your collaboration and allow yourself to fully reap the benefits of working with Argus Producties!

Max van Houdt

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Fixed Agreement

We agree to provide a fixed number of operators over a certain period or to fulfill certain productions with Argus’ operators. Solves a part of the puzzle, allows sharper pricing than on call service and saves a lot of late planning stress to fill the roster.


As we believe in customization, we strive to make our solutions tailor-made. All forms of collaboration can be investigated, adjusted and/or combined to match your specific set of demands.


The long-term solution: Argus will provide all EVS (and/or graphics) operators for your productions and will therefore always ensure availability and customized pricing. If we can establish plenty demand this allows for local training and therefore in time completely travel and accommodation free operators. With Argus Academy we’ll source and train operators to your exact requirements.